Nordisk Camp 2018

2018-07-15 00:00:00
Åre, Sverige
Hi there and welcome!
This year’s Nordic camp will be held in Sweden, between the dates of 15th-22nd July. We will be staying at a hostel located in the area of Åre, about 10 miles from Östersund.
The theme for this year is “The sky is the limit”. The camp is for members who want to meet new people, form new friendships and explore the boundlessness of their own possibilities as citizens, fellow humans and world citizens.
Examples of activities during the camp will be to go ziplining or climb the Åreskutan (Mount Åre). We are hoping for about 5 people from each Nordic country. The camp costs 1500 SEK (Swedish kronor) for one individual.
Short info:
What? Nordic Camp 2018
Where? Åre, Sweden
When? 15-22 July
Cost? 1500 SEK
Theme? The sky is the limit!
Hope to hear from you soon!
Best wishes,
Swedish planning group for Nordic Camp 2018

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